Raptor breeding activity

Steve Watson has prepared a chart that illustrates exactly what breeding activity can be observed from our raptors, and at what time of year. Courtship is already well under way with more species expected to join the quest for a breeding partner in the coming weeks, as indeed is nesting activity in some species. Please … Read more

Raptor Sightings

Your sightings of birds of prey in the county are hugely important to us and allow us to monitor these birds, analyse their numbers and locations and keep track of any potential problems within the different population groups. Over winter, understandably, there has been a slight decline in the number of sightings we have received … Read more

Winter Talks

Our two winter talks (UK Little Owls in December 2016 and UK Honey-Buzzards in January 2016) were very successful and we’re grateful for so many of you attending.  It has been very heartening to meet many of the faces behind all the emails, re-tweets, queries and sightings. GRMG will be hosting two talks again over … Read more