Reporting Wildlife Crime in Gloucestershire

As a monitoring group from time to time we, unfortunately, find ourselves dealing with persecution & disturbance of our birds of prey. As you may well know, the GRMG has a very close working relationship with Gloucestershire Police, the RSPB investigations team & Natural England. We are very pleased we have established such good relationships … Read more

Christ Church Peregrines update

Dave Pearce has extended his 5 year summary of the Peregrines at Christ Church to include the last two years i.e it now covers 7 years.  It also includes a few extra observations, details of ring letters and egg laying/hatching dates and additional prey items e.g. Sandwich Tern! You can download the document here, or from … Read more

Supporter film recommendation

One of our supporters, Claire Feehily, has sent us her review of the film ‘The Eagle Huntress’… A trailer of the film can be seen here… This documentary film takes us to Mongolia’s Altai Mountains in the company of thirteen-year-old Aisholpan and her father. Their nomadic Kazakh community maintains the thousand-year-old tradition of hunting … Read more

Little Owls

Many will remember that this year GRMG carried out a Little Owl survey where we visited as many of the 100+ sites that were identified during surveys in 2008-11, to see if those sites still held Little Owls. Further information can be found in our recent summer update. Many thanks to Kevin Widgery for sending us … Read more

Exeter Peregrines

Being a county raptor monitoring group, we don’t normally post news from further afield, but we thought this might be of interest. St. Michael and All Angels in Exeter was the first church in the UK to have breeding peregrines following their recovery from a population crash, with successful nesting occurring every year since 1997. … Read more

100 Tawny Owl boxes

With the continued and growing support of numerous landowners and large estates both in the Southam area and reaching out to a 10-mile radius in the Newent area, the 100th Tawny owl box was installed on Wednesday.

Autumn 2016 newsletter

The autumn 2016 GRMG newsletter has been sent out to people on our mailing list, and is now available to download here. In this issue, you will find the results from our Little Owl survey, comments on the 2016 Peregrine survey,information on wildlife crime in the county, and two guest articles – ‘The Yorkley Ravens’ … Read more

GRMG winter talks 2016/17

We are delighted to offer two talks this winter by speakers who are both nationally recognised authorities on their species. These are ticket-only events; tickets are available at £5 each from the shop on our website, If you are unable to buy tickets online, contact us on [email protected] to reserve tickets for collection on the door. At … Read more

Update on summer 2016

You will have noticed that we haven’t posted anything for a while… that’s not because there hasn’t been anything going on! On the contrary, it’s because we’ve all been too busy to write anything for the website (must do better…). So here’s a brief summary of various things that have occupied us this summer: Nest-finding … Read more

Appeal for information

On Thursday, April 21st the RSPCA were called to an incident involving a domestic cat and a Goshawk in the Brockweir area of the Forest of Dean, close to the Welsh border. The bird was taken to the Vale Wildlife Hospital and Rehabilitation Centre (Beckford) where an X-Ray was taken for a fractured wing. The … Read more

Little Owl survey

You may be aware of the fact that Little Owl populations are in decline in Britain, so we have decided to make the Little Owl our main survey species for 2016 in the hope of learning something about how local populations are faring and seeking possible causes of the decline. The BTO are planning a … Read more