Little Owl Analysis

Andrew Bluett has been analysing records for Little Owl in the county. Little Owls are still considered to be alien introductions rather than native, consequently they have no conservation status which makes it very diffcult to attract funding for research in spite of the fact that marked declines have been noted. The suggestion is that there … Read more

Hobby season – the final chapter

A final word from Rob on the Hobby season… As broods near to fledging for most nests at least, we are approaching the best time of year to find breeding pairs of Hobbies, for a few weeks after fledging as the young Hobbies learn the skills of catching slower insects , then dragonflies as they … Read more

Recommended reading

The GRMG book shop has opened its doors. In fact, what we’ve really done is create an affiliation with Amazon whereby they pay us a small percentage in commission for sales that we generate. The books are sold by, and shipped by, Amazon. The prices remain the same as the usual Amazon prices, but your purchase … Read more

Hobby season update

We are now ringing the young Hobbies from nests found earlier in the year. Two broods have been ringed so far, with another three to do, plus the possibility of further nests still to be found. Now is a good time again to look for signs of breeding Hobbies, such as food carrying, hunting near … Read more

Hobby Time

Rob Husbands has provided this update on what he’s up to now as the ringing season is progressing… With the majority of our local day time raptors well on the way to fledging young, my attention turns to our only summering falcon – The Hobby. As I am sure most birders are aware Hobbies are … Read more

Spring 2015 newsletter

The Spring edition of the GRMG newsletter has been issued to everyone on our mailing list. If you’re not on that list, then you can download a copy from our documents page. If you wish to be added to our mailing list for future newsletters, please send an email titled ‘newsletter’ to [email protected]

Raptor ID day tickets now available

As per our previous post, GRMG are hosting a raptor identification day, at the International Centre of Birds of Prey on June 20th from 10.30am – 4pm. The day has been designed to help birders and raptor enthusiasts improve identification skills as well as field work skills. Priced at £15, tickets are now available in the GRMG … Read more

Upcoming: Raptor ID Day

On June 20th we will be hosting a ‘Raptor ID Day’ at the International Centre for Birds of Prey in Newent. This day has been designed to support birders and raptor enthusiasts to help to improve their identification skills as well as field work skills, and will include; – Information on identification and behaviour of … Read more

GRMG badges now available

It’s now possible to show your support for GRMG with one of our GRMG badges. These 16mm nickel plated clutch back badges, bearing the GRMG logo, are a premium badge and look almost like a piece of jewellery, not too dissimilar from a gentleman’s cuff-link. All proceeds raised are used towards things such as nest … Read more

The usefulness of grid references

This map gives an impression of where you are reporting seeing various species of raptor to GRMG via our online submission form. Click on the map for a large view. It doesn’t represent a complete picture of raptor distribution, but merely where people are seeing them and choosing to report them to us. There is … Read more

Kestrels in Gloucestershire

Andrew Bluett has been examining the records received by both the county recorder and GRMG, of Kestrel sightings in the county, and has compiled a factsheet on the species. The document is planned to be updated periodically as further records are received, but it is available to download now from our documents page, or by … Read more