Kestrels in Gloucestershire

Andrew Bluett has been examining the records received by both the county recorder and GRMG, of Kestrel sightings in the county, and has compiled a factsheet on the species. The document is planned to be updated periodically as further records are received, but it is available to download now from our documents page, or by … Read more

Homes for Hooters

With materials bought with a grant from GNS, and using facilities at ICBP, Rich Harris and Jimmi Hill are busy making Tawny Owl nest boxes. In the Rich’s words, they have made many “first class homes for hooters”, tweaking their designs to maximise the number of boxes they can make with the available materials, whilst at … Read more

April records

Apologies for the lack of updates on the website over the last month. Needless to say, the group has been very busy what with the ongoing county Peregrine and Goshawk surveys, amongst other things which we’ll soon be able to provide news about. It’s been another great month again with regard to the number of … Read more

March records

Thank you to everyone for continuing to send in your records of sightings to GRMG. March has been another successful month for the group, with lots going on (see previous posts), and a busy time ahead! Once again, predictably it was the Common Buzzard that was the most frequent addition to our database this month, but … Read more

Species information updates

Our species information pages have now been updated with audio recordings of example calls of all of the species that GRMG monitors. There is only one recording per species, so it is in no way representative of the full repertoire of each bird, but hopefully some will find it to be a useful guide. In … Read more

Goshawk ID morning at New Fancy

A few notes from Rob regarding the Goshawk ID morning that GRMG hosted this morning, in preparation for the county-wide Goshawk survey… The morning looked like it could be a washout when the group of a dozen or so set off to the top of New Fancy viewpoint. Everyone introduced themselves and set out their … Read more

Common Buzzard and Goshawk Lead Poisoning

Over the last two months the ICBP has had two birds admitted with cases of lead poisoning. This account explains further, and might help others recognise the symptoms in other birds in the wild. The first case was of a Common buzzard which was admitted to the hospital by a member of the public on … Read more

Monitoring pollutants in predatory birds

This poignant image was photographed on the hard shoulder of the M5. It’s a sad visual description of the dangers faced by our birds of prey every day – not just Barn Owls, as pictured here. This owl appears to have been in prime condition prior to what was almost certainly an RTA.  We have … Read more

Goshawk ID morning with GRMG

GRMG will be running a Goshawk identification morning on March 28th 2015 at New Fancy View in the Forest of Dean from 10am. This identification morning is being run by GMRG member Robin Husbands, an experienced nest finder and ringer. Rob currently spends a lot of time studying, observing and monitoring Goshawks and has excellent knowledge … Read more

Rob’s Goshawk Diaries

Rob has updated his Goshawk Diary with the following entry… 07/03/2015 Goshawk display in full swing now, excellent weather today for soaring birds bright and breezy. Pairs are now nest refurbishing or prospecting for nest sites, spending more time around the nesting area proclaiming ownership of their territory by calling and displaying in and over … Read more

February records

We’ve just completed our second full month of collecting sightings, and we’re pleased to report that in February we received 261 records, totalling 390 birds. Thanks to everyone who has taken the time to submit records. A quick tip for those that prefer to submit their records all in one go, or who want to submit … Read more