Just a quick note to let everyone know that our Honorary President, Helen MacDonald will be appearing on Countryfile this Sunday, BBC1 at 7pm. “Ellie Harrison meets award-winning author Helen MacDonald and hears how Helen overcame personal grief through a love of goshawks and turned the experience into a literary smash.” The programme should also … Read more

BTO bird identification

Identifying some raptors from one another can be a difficult task, especially when you see a lone bird and have nothing to compare it to. The most common mistakes made by many birders, both new and experienced, are knowing the differences between the Buzzards, the differences between Kestrel and Merlin as well as the differences … Read more

January records

The GRMG¬†website opened on December 16th 2014. Yesterday marked the end of our first complete calendar month of accepting records of raptor sightings. We would like to thank everyone who has taken the time to submit their records, and we very much hope that people will continue to do so. A total of 179 records … Read more

Rob’s Goshawk Diaries

Rob Husbands has been out observing Goshawks for the past couple of weekends. Many reading this will be well aware of Rob’s experience with this species, but even he is still learning new things about them through observation.¬†Although the main period for displaying Goshawks is generally March through to early April, Goshawks can be seen … Read more

Species information

A quick note to inform that the species pages have been further updated. Each species now has short sections covering a basic description of the bird, its habitat, diet, breeding and survival, as well as some local information on distribution and population. This information will be expanded on over time. Each species now has at … Read more