Rob’s Goshawk Diaries

Juvenile Goshawk, Forest of Dean (c) Ben Locke
Juvenile Goshawk, Forest of Dean (c) Ben Locke

Rob has updated his Goshawk Diary with the following entry…

Goshawk display in full swing now, excellent weather today for soaring birds bright and breezy.
Pairs are now nest refurbishing or prospecting for nest sites, spending more time around the nesting area proclaiming ownership of their territory by calling and displaying in and over the woodland, before the serious business of nesting gets underway, a great time to get out and survey any large tract of woodland for these fantastic raptors.
Males have become more obvious lately joining their mates on territory having been absent on some territories until recently probably making a living in slightly different locations to the dominant females.
Apart from actual nest locations, counting displaying birds is the next best way of counting the potential population of goshawks in our county.

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