Goshawk Monitoring Project

Members of the Gloucestershire Raptor Monitoring Group (GRMG) have been monitoring the county’s Goshawk population for over 20 years, gathering a wealth of information on the distribution of breeding pairs, timing of breeding and productivity. The Goshawk’s secretive lifestyle has, however, limited the number of ringing recoveries to a handful of records of dead and injured birds during this time. In 2017, we sought to address this by starting a colour ringing project, coupled with the use of trail cameras at nests and baited winter sites to re-sight ringed birds. In the four breeding seasons that have followed, 312 Goshawk chicks have been colour-ringed in Gloucestershire and adjacent counties from 142 successful nests. This is a significant proportion of those ringed nationally.

Read what we’ve learnt and what comes next (PDF).