Little Owl Survey 2016

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Completion notes:

Breeding Codes:
A – Agitated behaviour or aggression towards other individuals/species
B – Nest building
D – Display & courtship (inc. vocal and flight displays)
DE – Bird found dead
F – Flying over only
FF – Adult carrying for young or mate
FM – Adult passing food to mate
H – Individual seen in suitable nesting habitat
I – Apparently incubating bird
M – Migrant
N – At probable nest site (use of nest can’t be seen)
NE – Nest with eggs
NY – Nest with young
ON – Occupied nest (e.g. adults entering/leaving visible nest/site)
OS – Other signs of occupancy (e.g. whitewash, fresh prey remains, feathers)
P – Pair in suitable nesting habitat
– Singing male
T – Territorial behaviour (defended over at least one week)
U – Summering non-breeder
UN – Used nest or eggshells from the current season
W – Wintering