Reporting Wildlife Crime in Gloucestershire

As a monitoring group from time to time we, unfortunately, find ourselves dealing with persecution & disturbance of our birds of prey.

As you may well know, the GRMG has a very close working relationship with Gloucestershire Police, the RSPB investigations team & Natural England. We are very pleased we have established such good relationships with these organisations as it means we can better safeguard birds of prey in Gloucestershire.

Recent incidents of crime/persecution have been emailed into us, and we are incredibly grateful for these emails as they have allowed us to secure vital evidence needed. However, in a bid to make it easier and quicker for people to report a crime to us we have acquired our very own GRMG mobile phone!

If you are in the county & you see a dead raptor (including Owl & Raven) you can now contact us on the following number – 07960 047016.

If you feel that the circumstances are suspicious you can still contact us however we would advise you call 101 asking for a WCO (Wildlife Crime Officer) or RECLO (Rural & Environmental Crime Liaison Officer).

Remember, if you feel that the circumstances are suspicious please do not touch a carcass & take photographs for evidence, keeping the scene as you found it. 

We are very grateful to Ben & the team at EE Monmouth for their donation of a topped up SIM card & highly recommend their service.