Supporter film recommendation

One of our supporters, Claire Feehily, has sent us her review of the film ‘The Eagle Huntress’…

A trailer of the film can be seen here…

This documentary film takes us to Mongolia’s Altai Mountains in the company of thirteen-year-old Aisholpan and her father. Their nomadic Kazakh community maintains the thousand-year-old tradition of hunting with Golden Eagles.
In a stunning opening sequence a lone rider reaches a high peak, then lowers an adult bird down alongside the lamb that has been slaughtered to honour the Eagle and its release back into the wild.
And so, the place of the birds and of these traditional hunting skills and rituals is very simply established for us.
The film follows Aisholpan, her instinctive connection to the birds, and her determination to be confirmed as a Master Hunter. We are allowed a rare and privileged glimpse of life in this extraordinary place.
The film is simply beautiful.
The landscape, the observation of the birds, the training sequences, the connection between father and daughter, and, above all, between Aisholpan and Eagle… it leaves some unforgettable images.
See it wherever and however you can!