Goshawk ID morning with GRMG

GRMG will be running a Goshawk identification morning on March 28th 2015 at New Fancy View in the Forest of Dean from 10am. This identification morning is being run by GMRG member Robin Husbands, an experienced nest finder and ringer. Rob currently spends a lot of time studying, observing and monitoring Goshawks and has excellent knowledge of the species.

This morning is being run to help you identify Goshawk by sound and by sight, as well as outline some monitoring techniques to allow you to succeed in observing Goshawk in the field. Goshawks are regularly seen from New Fancy View so hopefully you will get a chance to see a Goshawk in flight on that morning.

We recently sent an email to those who attended our inaugural meeting regarding the Goshawk survey for Gloucestershire we are coordinating. If you didn’t attend this meeting but would like to support a county-wide Goshawk survey please get in touch via email ([email protected]).

We look forward to seeing you there.

Slow motion squirrel hunt (Smithsonian Channel)
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